In the meantime

Hi, I’m Hannah. Here are some pictures of programs and projects I’ve been involved in this past year.

News and updates coming soon.



Tenants and staff took their FOODSAFE level 1 yesterday, thanks to Wendy from Lookout Society/Keys Housing

All but one passed, which just means somebody will have to retake the test and join us in a few months.

Congratulations, guys! FOODSAFE is a big deal for us, and this is a crucial step in tenants managing, learning  and growing  from their time at 1335 Howe. 

Thanks to Surindra at Quest Food Exchange, too – another likeminded organization that helps low-income housing, nonprofits and  marginalized persons access healthy food and resources  across the lower mainland. 

Look forward to a partnership between us and Quest, very soon. 

And keep your eyes peeled – our launch is only weeks away! We’re aiming for the week after Easter. 


Kitchen Upheaval Begins at the Q

The Kitchen Upheaval Begins at the Q!

Cleaning, inventory, and preparations : first steps

We hope to create a transitional pilot program teaching tenants skills, equipping them with Foodsafe and other basic certification, giving them self-management skills, confidence, and partnering with local restaurants and organizations in order to provide courses and experience in cooking, food safety, organization, and kitchen operations.

Our hope is to give tenants employable skills and experience, and help bridge the gap between SRO tenant and community. Job placements and employment would be the final step.

We want to see our program’s participants make a full, sustainable transition out of supported housing and back into the community, fully equipped and confident in their skills and the opportunities awaiting them. “From Kitchen to Community.”